Introduction 公司简介

HumanAxis is a professional product design and development consultancy, established in Hong Kong since 2001.  Then we set up a design studio in Shenzhen in next year. We provide one-stop design and development services, such as design strategy, industrial design, mechanical design, rapid prototype, model making, package design and even pilot run. Up to now, we had designed more than a thousand of successful products in worldwide market. Our clients included Canon Inc. (Japan), Citizen (Japan), Hamilton Beach (USA), Nolan Systems (USA), Lifetrons (Switzerland), Airmate (Taiwan), AML (Hong Kong), Innovation (Hong Kong), Eastco Light (Hong Kong), Midea (China), Supor (China) and TP-Link (China) etc.

人本意匠是一家专业的产品设计与开发顾问公司,我们于2001年在香港成立,翌年, 我们在深圳成立了工作室。我们提供一站式的设计与开发服务,从设计策略、工业设计、结构设计、功能手板, 模具制作, 包装设计以至少量试产。直到现在,我们已经成功设计过上千件的产品,并销售到世界各地。我们的客户包括日本的佳能(CANON),西铁城(CITIZEN);美国的Hamilton Beach , Nolan Systems ;瑞士的Lifetrons ;台湾的Airmate(艾美特),香港的AML,  Innovation , Eastco Light;以及中国的美的( Midea)、苏泊尔( Supor)、TP-Link等。


We insist on innovation, user friendly and aesthetics


Innovation is never exhausted in our mind! Development of technologies and the change of society will generate newly need day after day. Therefore, we will never stick on a comfort zone. On the contrary, we are willing to take up the glove for any brand new project.
A product must be functional and marketable, but it is not the all.  We emphasize that a good design must be user-friendly and beautiful. As a designer, that is our main job to bring user a new way of interaction and visual experience with the product, thereby improve beings’ life quality.

在我们的思维里, 创新永远不会被耗尽! 科技的发展和社会的改变,使得我们每天都有新的需求产生。因此,我们不会停留在一个我们认为满意的安适处,相反,我们很愿意接受每个新案子带来的挑战!
一件产品固然须具备功能性和符合市场需求, 但单是这样还是不足够。我们再三强调一个好的设计必须同时满足人性和美学的要求。作为一位设计师, 我们主要的职责就是要透过产品把新的互动与视觉经验带给用户,从而提升人类的生活品质。


Design director 设计总监简介

Our design director, Alex Yau, was the former design manager in Canon (CEBM). He received his master degree in Industrial design from Rhode Island School of Design, one of the best Art Schools in the US. He was also certified as a member by the Chartered Society of Designers (CSD, London) in 2001. He was delegated as one of committees for “Best Industrial Design Award “by Global Entrepreneur magazine in 2005. Up to now, Alex had received a number of international design awards such as iF and Reddot in Germany.

我们的设计总监丘伟雄( Alex Yau), 毕业于美国顶尖的罗德岛设计学院(RISD),  获颁授工业设计硕士学位(MID)。曾任香港佳能电产(CEBM)设计部经理。 2001年获颁发英国特许设计师协会(CSD)会员资格。2005年获环球企业家杂志委任为 “2005中国年度最佳产品设计”资深评审委员。他的设计作品屡获国际设计大奖, 包括德国的iF 和红点大奖。

Design process 设计流程

Analysis 分析
  • User Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Product Analysis
  • 用户分析
  • 市场分析
  • 产品分析

Ideation 构思
  • Idea development
  • Industrial design
  • Engineering design
  • Package design
  • 概念发展
  • 工业设计和
  • 工程设计
  • 包装设计
Execution 实现
  • Rapid prototype,
  • Mold making
  • Pilot Run
  • 快速手板
  • 模具制作
  • 少产试产